Sep 19, 2010

Odd Names in Poker

Good evening, today we will spend a fun entry to some commonly used names to describe some interesting moves in Poker. Almost all possible combination have been baptized in one way or another, as known as 86 Hiroshima (the date of the first bombing of the city) or J10 Cloutier named because it featured famous poker player in the late 90's and early 2000 is these initials: James Thomas (JT - Joker Ten). Let's focus on the best of them:

AA - American Airlines
KK: King Kong
JJ: The hooks / hooks
99: Barbara Feldon (super 99 in a TV series)
88: The snowmen
22: Ducks
33: Larry Bird
K9: the dog
AK: Kournikova because it looks pretty but never wins.
KJ: Kojak

On this point we draw attention to a curious hand story: Dead Man's hand. Sometimes film, this expression comes from the deepest of the origins of poker, it seems that history dates back to 1876 in the Far West.

Wild Bill Hickok, the protagonist of our story, sheriff, gunslinger and it seems that driver caution proceedings was known for playing their games forever with the wall behind him to avoid bandits who could end his life. The fact that one fateful night, Jack "Crooked Nose" McCall in Deadwood, South Dakota, Hickok surprised while playing a game, giving him a shot that ended his life.

The funny thing is that history to fall, Wild Bill was holding one of his hands on two aces and two eights (Some people went further saying that was completed with the queen of hearts and the other four letters were black) that is play from that point is known as Dead Man's Hand.


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