Oct 17, 2010

Stages of Play in Game of Poker

The poker game is developed in a clockwise direction. Each player starts the game with a certain amount of chips. The dealer button is indicated by "D".
In each game, the button moves from player to player, clockwise.

The two players sitting to the left of the dealer shall pay a mandatory mail-called "blind" (dark). On his turn, each player, clockwise, took the floor and announced his intentions. When it's turn to speak, you can:

    * Change (check): Do not make any bets, but remain in play. You can pass only if no other player before you has made a bet (so if anyone has opened)

    * Point / Open: Be the first to make a bet

    * See (Call): Point the same amount of the player who made the opening to stay in the game

    * Raise (Raise): Responding to the current bet, making a bet with an amount higher

    * Respond to raise (Re-Raise): Make a raise on a raise

    * Fold (Fold or drop): Exit the game and then giving up the stakes in the pot already paid during the previous betting rounds

Each turn of speech ends when all players still in the game have put the same amount.

If no player can "see" or "raise" bet, the player who opened wins the pot (the total bets). The winner can then show their cards to other players, even if it is not obligated to do so.

If at the end of the last betting round, several players are still in the game, hands are compared to each of them. Wins the game of poker, the player holding the highest hand, that the best combination of 5 cards among the seven cards available to him (5 discoveries and 2 blankets).

The tour ends and the button that indicates the dealer next player (clockwise). It can thus begin a new game of poker.


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Thanks for the post. I often seek some reviews from blog sites and online casinos. Since I just started my poker games, information like this helps me gain some knowledge.

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