Aug 10, 2010

Great poker players

They are many and we can not list them all, but here is a small list with some biographical information on players well known professional poker circuit. These are not necessarily the best known (Doyle Brunson and Amarillo Slim is not in the list) or older, but it seemed interesting to say a few words.
Chris Ferguso

Chris Ferguson Chris
He was given the nickname "Jesus" because of his looks a bit peculiar. He was enrolled at the University of Los Angeles for 18 years! Five as an undergraduate, and thirteen as a student in secondary school. After a moment he was forced to leave, but not before being finally awarded a diploma (PhD) in Computer Science.

Eric Seidel
Eric Seidel has always been a big fan of games. He used to play backgammon with a group of people, including Howard Lederer, when he discovered poker. Eric has also been a stockbroker on Wall Street, but it has definitely turned to poker after the 1987 crash.


Howard Lederer
Howard is known as "professor" of poker. It is also the world champion of chess. He is not alone in his family to have become a professional poker player. His sister, Annie Duke is also a professional player.


Jennifer Harman
Known particularly for its holdings for table stakes poker, Jennifer Harman is one of the few female poker players to have gone professional. In the book of Doyle Brunson's Super System 2 ", it has a separate section devoted to Limit Texas Hold'em.


 Phil Gordon
Phil Gordon has become a famous poker player after finishing fourth at the worlds of poker (WSOP) 2001, earning $ 400,000. He was an expert in analysis of poker hands at Binion's Horseshoe and has written several books.


After royally ignored the warnings of his grandfather about the dangers of playing poker and gambling in general, Phil Ivey became the youngest poker player to acquire professional status. Phil already has several WSOP bracelets, and his career is far from over.

Highly respected professional players in the world of poker is also a businessman who has a financial interest in a virtual poker room. He won his first WSOP bracelet at the age of 24 years and has thrived since.


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