Aug 18, 2010

Phil Laak played poker for 115 hours - Guinness Record !!

The poker pro Phil Laak has done its best to secure a place in the Guinness Book of Records and he has indeed succeeded. Laak has set the record for "the poker game the longest, which was officially in the hands of Larry Olmsted. The official time of it is 72 hours and 22 minutes, record set in 2004 at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. The unofficial record was held by Paul Zimbler, who has played poker non-stop for 78 hours and 25 minutes.

Phil Laak was not content to simply ahead of its nearest competitor, and decided to completely annihilate the previous record. In a Herculean effort that probably will not be matched by a severe insomniac, it has led to play for 115 hours ...!

This corresponds to less than 5 days 5 hours and even Jack Bauer, the fictional hero of the hit television show "24" will be astonished at this feat. Since January, Phil Laak follows a strict diet, low in fat and no sugar. All this, for this attempt. His nutritionist was on hand to provide meals every 5 hours to keep his mind alert and maintain good health as possible.

His choice of setting was $ 10 / $ 20 and he finished the race with a profit of $ 6.766. These gains will be donated to a charity for children with life threatening diseases, so Phil Laak shows he also has a big heart.

For a guy who has won during his career more than $ 2,500,000, the stakes are very small. But it turned out really good because if he had chosen to play his usual stakes, it would most likely bankrupt.

For the record is recognized, everything has been recorded on videotape and witnesses were present to ensure it has not had a nap or a malfunctioning device had left a few minutes away mysteriously. Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records will still check all the evidence and the videotape, which means that the record will be certified in a few months.


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