Oct 6, 2010

James Bord Wins WSOP Europe Championship!

James Bord, from Stanmore, U.K., won 2010 World Series of Poker Europe Main Event title at the Empire Casino in London. Bord is the first British WSOP Europe Main Event champion and third British player to win a gold bracelet in London.

"I never thought I would win a bracelet," said Bord. "Being so close, you just never know when it's going to come again. And it's even more special to win it in my hometown. It's just something very special."

Bord was behind in chips during most of the final day until he was heads-up against Italian-born Monte Carlo resident Fabrizio Baldassari. Bord won a huge pot late to take a slight chip advantage and closed out his dramatic victory a short time later when his pocket tens defeated Baldassari's pocket fives.

The turning point in the matchwas when Bord snap-called the all-in move by Baldassari who held a meager, but live, Q8s; Bord held AK. The flop brought more drama to the hand when Baldassari picked up 4 more outs to a gut-shot straight, but Bord’s AK held-up, and the two players virtually switched chip-stacks. With the wind out of his sails, and Bord’s cheering section growing louder by the minute, Baldassari seemed resigned to his runner-up fate.

Prior to playing for a living, Bord worked for international banking giant Citigroup. He decided to leave his conventional job to focus instead on playing poker for a living. Until this victory, Bord had been far better known among his peers as a cash-game player. When in Las Vegas, he routinely plays $300-600 and $400-800 stakes in the biggest poker rooms in the city.

Bord collected £830,401 for first place, equal to about $1,316,550. He was also presented with his first WSOP gold bracelet.
Eight of the nine final table players were poker pros. Here is a look at the complete final table standings for the 2010 WSOPE:

1.    James Bord  — £830,401
2.    Fabrizio Baldassari  — £513,049
3.    Ronald Lee  — £376,829
4.    Roland De Wolfe  — £278,945
5.    Nicolas Levi   — £208,119
6.    Daniel Steinberg   — £156,530
7.    Dan Fleyshman   — £118,643
8.    Brian Powell   — £90,617
9.    Marc Inizan   — £69,754


Event #5
Main Event Championship
Buy-In:  £10,000
Number of Entries:  346
Total Net Prize Pool:  £3,460,000
Number of Places Paid:  36
First Place Prize:  £830,401
September 23-28, 2010
The King James Version:  Bord Wins
James Bord Wins WSOP Europe Championship!
British Poker Pro Becomes First WSOP Europe Main Event Champion
Italian Pro Fabrizio Baldassari Falls Just Short in First WSOP Appearance
2010 Edition of WSOP Europe in London the Biggest Yet


Mike said...

Congrats James !! Great feather on your cap...keep it up.

Yori Misori said...

Yup! Heads up James. For sure, he's a big name too in online casinos, I wonder what his nick name is and where he's playing for?

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